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Originally featured on travelblog.org, this blog post was a ghostwriting project created to help improve SEO results for Beau-Coup, an online party supply company.

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Summer Celebrations Call for Unique

Party Favors

Summer is nearly upon us, which means that special event season is, too. There are all kinds of reasons why you might be hosting a party this summer, whether it’s a grad party, bridal shower, bachelorette party or wedding reception. No matter what the reason is for celebrating, the challenge is planning a memorable event that also feels personal.

Sending everyone home with a party favor is still the most popular way to thank your guests for coming and leave them with a reminder of your special day. If you’re hosting a party this summer, think outside the traditional favor box and consider one of these unique options:

Custom Frosted Plastic Cups

Instead of serving beverages in plain cups, use something personalized.  Custom printed frosted plastic cups can be ordered online and make a great substitute for the paper cups you buy at a party store. They can be printed with names, dates, and graphics that fit the theme of your event.  At the end of the party, send them home with your guests as a reusable reminder of your special day.

Deck of Cards

Play a winning hand by giving your guests a deck of playing cards that is personalized for your event. This fun, unique favor will definitely still be in use long after your party is over.


A personalized cookie is a fun way to thank your guests for sharing the day with you.  There are many options available, from beautifully decorated, made-to-order frosted cookies to fortune cookies that are custom-colored to match the décor of your event.

Personalized Treat Containers

Put a unique twist on the traditional favor bag of sweets by using a customized container in place of a generic paper bag. Beautiful paper boxes and bags, mason jars, and candy jars are just some of the containers available that can be customized for your event.

Seed Cards

Make your celebration eco-friendly by giving your guests a seed card. Made out of paper that’s been embedded with wildflower seeds, these cards can be customized with the text and design of your choice.  Your guests can plant the card and watch it grow.

Plan an amazing party and make it memorable with personalized favors that your guests are sure to love. From custom frosted plastic cups to fortune cookies in an array of colors, the options are nearly limitless.

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Customized party favors are a great way to help guests remember your special day. Learn about options available for weddings, grad parties, showers, and more!

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